Jacqueline Fernandez accused in 215 Crore Money Laundering Case

Sri Lanka-born actress, Jacqueline Fernandez is involved in a money extortion case according to ED.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar who is the husband of a Malayali actress "Leena Maria Paul" is accused of 215 crore money extortion.

According to lawyer Prashant Patil, Sukesh said Jacqueline that he is the owner of Sun TV and want to cast her in a south film.

ED said that Jacqueline Fernandez was a beneficiary of the proceeds of the crime.

According to ED, Sukesh Chandrasekhar sent 10 crore worth of gifts to actress Jacqueline Fernandez.

Lawyer Prashant Patil said, Jacqueline Fernandez is innocent, she was not involved in the crime, she is actually a victim.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar is currently lodged in Tihar Jail. He has been investigated in over 32 criminal cases.

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