List of Nita Ambani's Most Expensive Things

Corporate Jet (₹240 crore)

On her 54th birthday, Mukesh Ambani bought an expensive corporate jet for her gorgeous wife Nita Ambani.

Saree Collection (₹40 crore)

The saree collection Nita will blow your mind. She had once donated 40 lakh rupees saree which was the world's most expensive saree.

Jewelry Collection (₹4 crore)

As every woman Nita loves jewelry. Being rich, she owns very expensive earrings, necklaces and rings made up of diamonds and gold.

Lipstick Collection (₹40 lakh)

When it comes to lipstick, she owns the most expensive lipsticks in the world and she has a huge collection of lipsticks of different shades.

Shoe Collection (₹1.2 crore)

Nita Ambani owns very expensive and beautiful shoes from brands like Garcia, Jimmy Choo, Marlin, and Pedro.

Audi A9 Chameleon (90 crores)

Audi A9 Chameleon is a limited edition car. This sport or concept car is one of the most luxurious cars in the world.

Japanese Tea Set (₹1.5 crore)

Nita likes to drink tea but she doesn't use local tea leaves. She gets rare tea from Japan's oldest cutlery set makers.

Handbags (₹2.6 crore)

Nita uses very rare and expensive handbags that itself created from some gold and diamond elements.

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