Never search This On Google or else you will be arrested or scammed

1. Financial Advice

Never search for financial advice on google because you may get scammed or the information provided on google may be outdated.

2. Medical Advice

Don’t search your symptoms, medicine names or medical advice on google because you may get wrong information or outdated information.

3. E-commerce websites

Never purchase anything or share your card details on unknown e-commerce websites because it can be a trap.

4. Free Antivirus

Do not install free antivirus on your PC because it may make your PC slow instead of improving performance.

5. Customer Care Numbers

Never search for customer care numbers on google because they may provide your wrong number or a number of scammers.

6. Modded Apps or Games

Never search any MODDED apps or games on google or third-party websites because they may come with malware or viruses.

7. Online Banking Websites

Never search for online banking websites on google because there are many fake websites that look the same as the original site.

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